requisition order

requisition order
requisition order UK US noun [C] WORKPLACE
REQUISITION(Cf. ↑requisition) noun

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  • requisition — ▪ I. requisition req‧ui‧si‧tion 1 [ˌrekwˈzɪʆn] noun [countable] an official written order for something: • government aircraft requisitions • The department must receive a purchase requisition before the items can be supplied.   [m0] ▪ II.… …   Financial and business terms

  • requisition — n. & v. n. 1 an official order laying claim to the use of property or materials. 2 a formal written demand that some duty should be performed. 3 being called or put into service. demand the use or supply of, esp. by requisition order.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • order — or·der 1 n 1: a state of peace, freedom from unruly behavior, and respect for law and proper authority maintain law and order 2: an established mode or state of procedure a call to order 3 a: a mandate from a superior authority see also …   Law dictionary

  • requisition — [rek΄wə zish′ən] n. [L requisitio < requisitus, pp. of requirere: see REQUIRE] 1. a requiring, as by right or authority; formal demand 2. a formal written order, request, or application, as for equipment, tools, etc. 3. the state of being… …   English World dictionary

  • requisition — req·ui·si·tion /ˌre kwə zi shən/ n 1: the taking of property by a public authority for a public use: the exercise of the power of eminent domain 2: a formal demand made by one international jurisdiction (as a nation) upon another for the… …   Law dictionary

  • requisition — [n] demand; application for need appropriation, call, commandeering, occupation, request, seizure, summons, takeover; concept 662 requisition [v] ask for; apply for something needed buy, call for, challenge, claim, demand, exact, order, postulate …   New thesaurus

  • requisition — ► NOUN 1) an official order laying claim to the use of property or materials. 2) the appropriation of goods for military or public use. 3) a formal written demand that something should be performed or put into operation. ► VERB ▪ demand the use,… …   English terms dictionary

  • order — [n1] arrangement, organization adjustment, aligning, array, assortment, cast, categorization, classification, codification, composition, computation, disposal, disposition, distribution, establishment, form, grouping, harmony, layout, line,… …   New thesaurus

  • order — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) I n. orderliness (see order); command; class, kind, rank; society, fellowship, guild (see party); succession, sequence. II Prescribed mode of procedure Nouns 1. order, orderliness, regularity, uniformity …   English dictionary for students

  • Requisition — A formal request. Shareholders can issue a requisition notice to a company requiring it to put resolutions to a vote. In business, one department of a company might submit a requisition to the purchasing department for supplies it wants to order …   Investment dictionary